Blake Snyder - Save the Cat! - Dead

Just thought I would mention that Blake Snyder, the developer of Save the Cat!, died of a heart attack. His materials and beat sheet were helpful. He also was a good guy. When checking out his software he communicated directly with me all the time.

I’m sorry to hear this — very sad, especially for a man who was still relatively young.

For many, his ideas about movies and movie-writing were too formulaic and not a few critics were dismissive, sometimes with justification. But certain of his insights were valuable and repaid consideration, and all were great fun, as I believe was the man himself.

Many times I’ve sat in front of a TV movie or a DVD with a friend competing to be the first to spot the Save The Cat moment or classify it Snyder-wise — “Is it Monster in the House?” “Yes it is!”. Amongst a few of my acquaintances we even talk about “Pope in the Pool” (don’t ask!) episodes.


I am sorry to hear this.

I cannot count how many authors teaching workshops have recommended his book at writers conferences.

Sad to hear, will be missed. :cry: