Blank lines in TOC?

Attached is the TOC from an ebook purchased from Apple iBooks. You will see that a couple blank lines appear in the TOC to separate different topic areas.

I am compiling from Scrivener 3 to ePub 2. The Compile function auto-creates my ebook TOC. Is there any way I can direct Scrivener to insert blank lines in my TOC? I think one or two blank lines helps to bring focus to sections within the TOC, so would like to know if this is possible. If yes, and you are able to attach a sample SCRIV, pls. do. Thank you.

I don’t have a Mac with me now to be able to test these ideas, but three possible solutions spring to mind (I am sure there must be others as well):

  1. As an automatically generated TOC is created from folder and / or file names, I assume you could add returns in the binder to whichever folder / file names you want to have separated by blank lines, forcing the TOC to include those returns during compile and producing the layout you want. (Think the keystroke to type a return in a binder item is OPT RETURN, or, perhaps, CMD RETURN.)

  2. If that doesn’t work (if the returns are removed during compile), you could create a manual TOC and format it as you want.

  3. You could edit the TOC in Calibre after compiling, adding blank lines as desired.

Someone else might have better solutions…or solutions they can test before posting.


For ePub 2, the only real way of achieving this is to use a custom table of contents (that is, create it as an item in the binder rather than using the automatically-generated ToC).

If you were using ePub 3, you would be able to achieve this using CSS for the nav#toc element.

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