<$BLANK_PAGE> text being inserted instead of desired blank page

Using Mac Scrivener, when I try to compile in paperback format, I use the front matter pages:
Title Page
Blank Page

The blank page has the text <$BLANK_PAGE> which I think is code to tell Scrivener to insert a blank page as in the past, it has inserted a blank page here which is what I want.

However, now the compiled pdf appears to write these words "<$BLANK_PAGE> on the first page of the Scene matter (My Author’s Note) instead of inserting a blank page after dedication.

How do I fix this?
I tried deleting these words, inserting a page break and ticking the “Blank page” front matter when compiling. But a blank page is not inserted when I view the compiled pdf…

Have you checked the list of placeholders in the Help menu, and the info about each placeholder?

<$BLANK_PAGE> is the correct placeholder token, but it must be used on a document is separated with page breaks from the item before and after it. So for instance, if the blank page and the Dedication item before it are of the same section type, you’ll want to be sure the section layout they’re assigned uses a “page break” separator between sections (i.e. between sections of the same type) and if the Author’s Note is of a different section type, it should be assigned a section layout that uses a “Page Break” separator before sections.

Thanks Jennifer. I inserted a page break after the placeholder and it worked.
I guess the page break somehow got deleted though I never touched that front matter page.