Blinking cursor

Many times i lost de position of cursor in the editor panel. Could it make a blinking signal in order to find it faster?
Enzo Fiorillo

Ort maybe a shortcut for finding cursor. When its pressed, the word wehre the cursor is is hihglighted for a few moments.

I don’t really understand the request - also, the op is on Windows according to his or her info - did you mean to post in the Mac forum?

If the cursor is scrolled off the screen, just hit one of the arrow keys to move it slightly, and the view will scroll to show you where it is.

How can i do to find where the cursor is? Sometime i lost it and i have search for it.

to highlight a word at the cursor, hold down shift and alt then press the left or right arrow key. This is part of the text handling on operating systems (can be disabled in apps) and works perfectly in sriv. No need to make any change to scriv.

There are also some settings that can make it significantly easier to keep track of the cursor. In the Editor preferences pane, upper-right section, you can disable blinking or expand the width of the cursor by n pixels. On the left side of that pane, you’ll also find an option to “Highlight current line”, which will draw a background highlight behind the current line you are editing.

You can also change the colour of the cursor itself, in the Appearance preferences pane’s Customizable Colors section, under Editor, “Insertion Point”. Finally, just below that setting you’ll see another one for “Current Line Highlight” so you can change the colour of that too if you want.

All in all, you can make the current position of the cursor extremely obvious:

That’s what I answered right above your post - hit one of the arrow keys, as long as the focus is in the editor, and the editor will automatically scroll to the cursor position so you can see it.