Block of Text blacked out

I just opened Scrivener and a passage I had written was just a large block (as if the NSA was redacting my writing, hmm…)
However, it seems that the background has been changed to black because I can highlight the text and it’s still there.
Any fixes?

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Did you copy and paste any of the text in the document from Google Docs or from the Chrome browser? That’s the usual trigger for this, with the copied text coming in with junk formatting that gives it a black highlight after the document is reloaded, i.e. after closing and reopening the project. You should be able to select it all and then choose Format > Highlight > Remove Color to clear it.

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This is happening to me as well. It is not just copy/pasted text, it happened to my entire document when I reopened it, including text typed into Scrivener. The original text document DID however start with me copying in existing text from a word doc, so the copy/paste feature may still be triggering whatever is happening. I have added and edited in Scrivener from there. Turning off the highlighting did correct it, but this is very annoying and a fix would be welcome.

This just began to happen when I am importing rtf files from my writing critique partner. I’ve been doing this for years, but now it’s black font, black background in comments. I have tried every setting. And NO, I am not going through every comment, right clicking and changing the color. That is an insane solution. Please advise.

What would those be? No one could sensibly suggest a solution without knowing what your setup looks like.

In Windows a slider determines the Comment transparancy. It think its in the Appearance / General settings…