Block quote formatting

I’m trying my hardest to read through the forums, but I cannot find a way to solve the problem of having multiple paragraphs in a single block quote.

Here is how block quotes compile to MS Word;

I’ve tried to change the line and paragraph spacing to have no space afterwards. I though that this might be the issue. No change.

This is how I need it to look, but there is still a spacing issue after the paragraph that I can’t fix. Is there something in the compile settings I’m missing. Even when I select preserve formatting in the editor, it won’t compile the way it looks in the editor pane.

I need to remove that extra space and the second indent. Here is how I need it to look:

I’m missing something, but what? Is there somewhere in the compile settings I’m not looking?

Also, here are the settings I tried tweaking…

Screenshot 20200605 at 12.12@2x.png