Block Quote Help

I highlighted a paragraph and selected “block quote” from the paragraph presets. Then I (days later) decided I didn’t want that paragraph to be formatted as “block quote” any longer. I couldn’t figure out how to remove the formatting and one point clicked to delete the “block quote” preset itself. Now I have two problems.

  1. I still would like to get rid of the blue dashed line box around my paragraph I originally designated as “Block quote.”

  2. I would like to get my “block quote” preset back.

Any suggestions would be most welcomed.


Well, the blue dashed box thing is “Preserved Formatting”, which is a very useful feature if you intend to let the compiler change your font and formatting. Block quotes can get messed up when doing that, and preserve formatting can keep them from getting messed up. So you might want to consider that.

At any rate, you can make new presets (and thus restore ones you accidentally deleted) by simply plopping your cursor into the paragraph that looks the way you wish, and using the Format/Formatting/New Preset from Selection menu command. If you’ve deleted all of the paragraphs that had the block quote formatting, then you’ll need to make another from scratch.

Thank you AmberV, I appreciate the assist.

I have the “Essay Block Quote (Preserved)” back in my list. Deleting it in the first place was an accident. I’m still having the problem with the section that has been marked as “Preserved.” I’ll explain my situation a bit more:

I highlighted a large paragraph as “Essay Block Quote (Preserved)” a few days ago. Last evening I realized I was too hasty in having made this marking in that I selected too much text. It was actually supposed to be two quotes with unquoted text in between. So I would like to deselect the “preserved” status then reselect the two separate sections as “Essay Block Quote (Preserved).” My problem is that I cannot seem to take the first step of deselecting the original “preserved” status and get it back to normal text. I have been digging all through the manual and have found no joy.

Select the text you want to remove the “Preserve Formatting” from and then choose Format>Formatting>Preserve Formatting (it’s a toggle so it will turn off for the selected text).

OMG, Thank you! I was treating the “Essay Block Quote (preserved)” as the toggle in the “Presets” drop down since that was where I had set it to begin with.

Thanks again,

This will be improved a bit in the next release. Preserve Formatting, if not saved into the preset, will be removed from selections that did have it set. Right now once the preset applies it—it sticks like you note, no matter what unless you use the menu command. So in the future you’ll be able to switch from block quote to block quote preserved and it will toggle the blue box.

Thanks AmberV. It’s good to know I’m not totally inept and that this difficulty is an area observed as needing improvement already.

Thanks for the help all.