Block Quote Indent - Different settings for short story (pdf) and novel (kindle)?

Hello, in a previous post I was struggling w/ block quote indents on my kindle.

I tried the same thing on a short story template w/ pdf compile output to find that the settings are not the same in the compile for pdf and kindle. (see two screenshots).

When I send the pdf I compiled to kindle, the block quote doesn’t wrap properly.
on the pdf I couldn’t tell how it would wrap because the quote doesn’t extend past the line, so I made the block quote longer only to find that like on the kindle, the block quote doesn’t wrap indented on the next line on a pdf (see screenshot)

So basically, why are the settings different and is the proper way to compile for pdf when those settings are not present?



The whole point of the Compile command is to allow you to use different formatting for different output documents. If the kindle and PDF outputs are using different Section Layout specifications, then yes, you will see different results.

In addition, ebooks are designed to reflow text as needed as the “page” size changes, while PDF documents are designed with a fixed page size.

First line indent behavior for PDFs is defined in the Settings pane of the Section Layout Editor. See Section 24.2.9 of the Scrivener 3 manual for more information.


I didnt quite understand. so just for the pdf, where is the setting to make block quotes break only between the left and right indents? I dont want if a block quote goes to the next line for the text to go to the original margin. the screenshot shows this behavior in the block quote - isnt the idea of a block quote by default to not do this? in this case shouldnt the word “bet” fall under “…the queen”? thanks.

What does the ruler look like for the block quote? Does the Compile command change it? Are you formatting the block quote by hand, or are you using s Style? Or are block quotes their own sections in the Binder?