Block quotes and indents


I have a problem with indents when I am trying to use block quotes in scrivener. I have set it up so that I have a costume made preset with preserved style where I have specified the positions for where I want the indents to ‘be’. Image 1 below illustrates this:

Image 1.png

I have also specified the margins that I wish to use for the entire page in my compile settings. Briefly, I wish to use broader margins compared to the original settings for readability and better page approximation for some of my most common publication formats. Image 2 illustrates this:

Now, when I compile things mess up a bit. If I compile to pdf the left indent is displayed correctly and the page margins work as specified, however, the right indent does not work. Instead the text is in line with the specified right page margin. If I export to rtf for word handling, the left indent is also preserved correctly, yet this time the right indent actually goes about half an inch outside the right margin. The margins are other wise preserved ok.

It feels as if I have done something wrong with the specific settings. Hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction. :slight_smile:


I think this is a math problem. You have 20.99cm page width to work with, and are subtracting a total of 7.62cm with margins. That means 13.37cm remain for the text block, which your right-indent setting (of 15.14cm) exceeds. The important thing to remember, when calculating this stuff, is that Scrivener’s editor does not make use of margins, so ruler settings are relative to the text block, not the paper. Your 15.14cm right indent is much closer to 19cm when the left margin is added to the value, putting it well outside of the text block, and into the right margin, in Word.

Thank you I thought that I must be something with the actual calculations of the margins, but just to make things clear:

The paper width (A4) is 20.99 cm? And the settings I specify in the page setup during compile they are relative to this width, right? So subtracting an inch and a half would mean subtracting 7.62 cm (left and right), leaving as you said, 13.37 cm. But how should I think if I want to produce page margins of say 3.5-4 cm and then with 1 extra cm indent both left and right for block quotes?



The 7.62 was total, to be clear, so subtracting 3" of margin from both sides to calculate the text block size. So with a 4cm total margin that would be a 16.99cm text block, and thus if you wanted a 1cm indent off of that, you would set the ruler at 15.99cm.

For your original settings, 12.37cm would be the right-indent point on the ruler, or 4.87".

Forgot to come back here and say thank you very much. With those little extra instructions It works like a charm.