Block Quotes for Epub, Can't get Indent to format properly

I am using Scrivener for Windows, version Have used Scrivener now for four years, published one book in ePub already. Very experienced with Scrivener, however… I have never been able to get block quotes to format into the epub or mobi format correctly. There must be a way to do this!

Block quote meaning it needs to be indented from both margins, and all the lines. The ePub format will indent the first line only, but all the other lines will use the same margins as normal text. In Scrivener, I have set up a unique style (called Block Quote) and I apply Preserve Format to it.

When I compile to Doc or PDF or anything else, the block quote formats correctly. When I compile to ePub, it reverts. I don’t use Calibre, and I’m not sophisticated enough to write my own html or CSS code. (I would even post example screen shot, but can’t figure out how to do that here.)

I read every post in the Forum on this topic–all of them are old, Mac-related, or suggest “Preserve Formatting” or show screen shots that don’t pertain to this version of the program. I have spent hours researching, reading, going down every avenue and can’t seem to find an answer. Does this very simple basic function not exist or is there some sort of setting to get it work – compiling a Block Quote to an ePub so that it correctly preserves the margin formatting?