Blog entry about Scrivener


I just want to tell you that I’ve made a small review about Scrivener and Avenir on my personal blog.

It’s in German.


Thanks for the link to your site. I had to struggle through Google’s translation, however, I think I got the main ideas. Since you started out with a discussion on LaTeX, have you played around with Scrivener’s abilities in this area? I did not see any mention of it later, which is why I ask. Scrivener has built-in MultiMarkdown support, which can be used to generate industry standard structural (not style biased like Apple’s) XHTML, as well as LaTeX.

Thanks for the review, Juh! Unfortunately I did very badly at my German GCSE, and that was a good fifteen years ago now. As I recall, in my oral exam I was asked to describe my uniform, but I said “schwarz blumen” instead of “schwarz hosen”. :slight_smile:

I did not mention Multimarkdown in extend, simply because I thought that the entry already was too long. I tried the MMD-Export to LaTeX and it works. You can use footnotes and chapters, sections and so on are supported, when you outline your draft accordingly. Nice feature indeed.

Very good review. I agree with you, juh, that Avenir forces a more structured way of writing while Scrivener provides you with more freedom. In the end it’s a matter of taste, but I prefefer Scrivener because it better supports my creative process that at times can be very, um, erratic.