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Any other knitters? Thought they’d get a kick out of the old ethically-produced yarn debate presented in a new way with a few digs at the luxury market. The graphics make it, IMO.

:unamused: :open_mouth: :unamused: :open_mouth:

When we first got married, my wife had a dressing-gown made out of Pyrenean dog-hair … soft and warm, but rather shapeless!


Hey! that’s Jaysen’s head! :open_mouth: Where’d’y find it?

I knew someone who’d spin from an angora with the bunny on their lap. Apparently they shed quite rapidly. Would have to be one hell of a mellow bunny.

Ms Linny.
We, the crew of Scrivener, are Amber’s pets. :wink:

As one of the people commenting, wrote, “Typical hick parenting”. WTF! Gitthecat!gitthecat!gitthecat! :open_mouth: But what can you expect from a Red Neck hill billy pigeon! tch!tch!

At least I can say, that the worst my human ever threatens me with, is, “Well make the f==kin’, 'fishy-in-the-dishy, y’self! Smart arse!” or “I’m not f==kin’ combing y’, cos y’ keep feckin’ clawing and biting me! Y’ bitch!”
All it takes to rectify the situation, to my satisfaction, is no more than five minutes of my, ‘wide-eyed eye balling’, of him. It reduces him to a quivering obsequious wreck.
Take care

Ms Linny, I meant what I said, Amber is only ever kind and loving to the members of Scrivener’s crew! Believe me, that takes some doing, especially when you consider the miscreants and ner’do 'ells that go to make up the crew. :open_mouth:

It appears rather habit forming…

I think I only overfeed the pets that I find on Wikipedia. That one, though, I’m sure is pretty normal sized underneath that halo.

You should try sharing a writer’s room, with my human, Vic-k. :frowning: :frowning:

actually with all the robots at SCR I would assume HQ looks more like this

Nahh! It’s about their bums :smiling_imp: