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Many years ago I ran a book blog, life got on top of me and I had to stop, I’m now hoping to start it up again. I have it in my head that Literature and Latte used to have an awesome blog template.
Am I imagining it?
Does it still exist?
If not, can anyone recommend another template, more specifically a post template for book blogs?



Welcome aboard Scrivener,
Have you tried doing a search for: “web blog template”

Gee Vic, that wasn’t very helpful.

Hi Louise. I can go only one step further: look at Wordpress.

Well, it’s as helpful as I intend t’ be … cos, if I offered technical help to anyone, it would result in motherboard meltdown, hard-drive seizure, and the steady drip-drop-tinkle-tinkle of pixels falling from their screen, until it resembled nothing more than a hazy starry night … like my poor old iMac :cry: :cry:

Anyway, babe, I was asking if Louise had done a search of Scriv’s fora (<-- that’s a posh word for forums, like wot they use on the upper decks), not World Wide Wotchymacallithingy 'tinternet. If she does a Scriv search using the appropriate search terms, that only she knows best, she could unearth what she’s looking for :wink: ,

Vic x x x

Ah, I am merely a subordinate to your intelligence!!

We can hope that Louise responds with her findings and sets up a quick blog. She’ll have at least two devoted readers here!

Fair maiden, first thing y’do … sooner rather than later … is delete that :unamused: Not only are you damning yourself in perpetuity to the status of ameba in the primordial cesspit, even the Portlanders (Oregon, not Dorset (Bilge Rattus Rattus)), who inhabit the bilges beneath our feet, will treat you with disdain. Replace the quote with something like,

Most Scriveners are congenital fundamentalists, and can’t handle ‘tongue-in-cheek’, irony, satire ’ etc., etc.

Take care,

Yours to command…


At last, the Marshalsea, I guess?


I do seem to recall there being one, but I thought it was user-created? It rings a bell, but I’m not finding an official Scrivener one.

Thats why I asked if she’d done a search (Scriv search) with ‘thread specific’ search terms. Every time I do a search I end up miles away, reading all kings of unrelated threads. I’ve just bought David Hewson’s first two novels in his Pieter Vos, Amsterdam detective series, as a consequence of reading comparison to other word processors and writing tools
Carrying on like this could cost me a fortune. Anyway, Louise seems to have moved on. Probably time we did too. :confused:
Take care

I did find a number of ways of organizing various blog posts with a Scrivener project, which is giving me the itch to blog again. But blogging is work–one has to not only write posts, but also do promotion. I’m notoriously bad at self-promotion. It seems like creative types are expected to wear all hats these days: produce content, market content, publish content, etc. A friend of mine, another composer, was remarking that with many grants, you’re expected to be a social worker, as well. (That is, what kind of community outreach you’re doing in addition to getting a piece performed.)

OK, y’s all!! Got it sorted! … 2-1&ia=web

Happy Bloggin’!!