I´m begin to write a wordpress blog and i did think on Scrivener to organize and write them.
I would like too have a templare to use as model.
Can Scrivener help me?
Thanks… :smiley:

Scrivener is great for putting articles together, but because of the article format—I don’t think there is much a template needs to do beyond what is already available in the standard non-fiction starter, if even that. How you organise the outline for each article (if there is indeed even an outline) is a personal choice. But if you have a specific list of things you feel a template could provide, let me know. I’m assuming since you are posting this in the wish list section you are asking for one to be developed.

I’m going to look for one somewhere, but for now, I think having one in the next update would be extremely helpful. Oh and I would like to add that having the option for footnotes — along with the blog template — is necessary sometimes. Those who don’t need it can just delete it.

I’ve merged you post with this previous request, as nothing much has changed with the software (despite the years gone by) that would change the questions I had for what this means.

Thank you for your post.

I have had the same thoughts for a Wordpress template and will bookmark your post to keep up to date with developments, if any.

Thank you again,