Bluebook citation manager recommendation

Does anyone has a recommendation for a citation manager that really supports Bluebook and integrates with Scrivener?

JurisM: while it appears this one does, the support team is MIA, making me think whether the project was abandoned.
Zotero: although it covers Bluebook as one of the citation styles available, quirks like when an opinion references another coupled with noting dissenting (or other) opinions do not work well with parenthetical placement or date format on foreign case law or treaties.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Well according to the bluebook FAQ #1, there is no software that fully supports bluebook and it recommends manual intervention :upside_down_face:

JurisM (which is developed by Frank Bennett @fbennett who made citeproc-js) modifications to CSL were folded into the CSL-M spec if I remember correctly and citeproc-rs (which is supposed to be a replacement for citeproc-js, and did get inputs from @fbennett) aims to support it:

But citeproc-rs is really a tool for developers to build processors, not an end-user tool itself. I don’t know of any end-user tools yet. You could ask on the Zotero forums what the plan is to allow Zotero to use citeproc-rs with CSL-M extensions and whether this is enough?

I asked several years ago (Academic Bibliographies: support citeproc as an option during compile) for citeproc support added to Scrivener as this would enable Scrivener to add fully bibliography formatting to its repertoire with a minimal support burden to KB, but I don’t know whether there are enough academic users who would use it to justify this to L&L. If KB did choose the citeproc-rs engine to integrate, then CSL-M support would be possible directly.

Pandoc also has a highly compliant CSL (not CSL-M) engine (, and I wonder whether a Pandoc plugin could fill in the gaps between CSL and CSL-M, if so Pandoc does work perfectly with Scrivener. You could ask on the Pandoc google group, if you give very specific details of what bluebook requires.

Why anyone made such a difficult citation system is beyond me, and I’m thankful in Science our citation formatting is straight-forward! I would intuitively imagine that there has to be money to be made (how much would desperate lawyers pay!) for software that does support this robustly.