Bluescreened laptop led to work loss.

Hey guys,

I’ve done a fair amount of forum searching to see if I can find an answer to my question, and I very well may have, except I’m unsure how to implement the fix as it all seems very techincal.

If anyone could explain to me in layman’s terms how to fix my issue it would be greatly appreciated.

Basically I was working on my novel, editting, when I got hit by a windows blue screen. Upon restart, I returned to my work, only to find that what appeared to be an entire days worth of work was gone.

First I went to the backup folder in tool>options>backups, went into the folder itself and looked for anything with my project name. Nothing at all, no backups whatsoever. I even arranged the files by date order and there was nothing. (even though the project opens always where I left off.) I then searched my PC for file names with my project title by searching in “This PC”. This only brought up the compiles, no scriv files.

In the actual project folder, in file explorer, I went into Files>Docs and can see that the most recent RTF file was last edited around the time of the crash, though when I open this it is just filled with white squares. (I believe this is normal).

Is there any way to restore my work?

EDIT: Weirdly, it seems the bottom part of my split screen view was saved… And nothing else. This leads me to think the back-up, whever it may be, is corrupted maybe? Is there any way to restore a previous backup from the RTF?

At that tools/options/backup is there a check by Turn on automatic backups?
How about backup on project close?
On project open?
with manual saves?
And how many backups are you saving?

What do you see in the folder which could be keeping backups if they were enabled?

Do you have any other backup system at work which copies files as they change or makes real backups not on the same drive as your work?

If you set the program to backup on exit only, and didn’t backup manually, then there would be no backup since the last file close.

In the .docs folder under Files of your scrivener project the .rtf files are your articles. The newest ones will mostly be the lastest articles you worked on. You might be able to recover some articles from that, and copy and paste the info back. You’ll need to use a Word Processor or Wordpad that reads RTF files. Have Scrivener closed when you do this.

I have auto backup on, backup on close on, compress automatic backups as zip files checked and back up before updating mobile devices.

All backups for all other projects are in there.

No, I do not.

I’ll give this a go, Thank you.

Unfortunately the RTF files appear to be from before the work loss :frowning: