Bluetooth Keyboard Tab not working


I have been using Scrivener across all my devices, and just got a new case for my iPad Pro. I found that the default case didn’t protect the screen well at all. So, I got a new one! However, I noticed the ‘tab’ key doesn’t work in Scrivener. I am working with general outlines, so basic tab in, shift+tab out, but it does nothing. I have no clue what to do.

It is in writing mode (I see word count at the bottom of the screen), and I made sure it is set to English (US) - QWERTY on settings. Nothing appears amiss in the actual application settings, and it is still refusing to tab. I can tab in the document normally, but it won’t tab in or out for lists. I tried a list I made on my PC, and I tried one I generated on the iOS version. neither tab over.

Does anyone have any clue as to why?

Does the Apple glass keyboard work correctly? If so, it is most likely an issue with the keyboard case, not Scrivener.

Sorry for the late reply, but I have tried it in Google Docs and it worked just fine there. The previous apple keyboard worked to my memory, but I would need to check. It’s just odd the tab/list is workin normally elsewhere bu not on Scrivener .

I can confirm this. I am seeing same behavior with my bluetooth keyboard and iOS Scriv 1.2.4, running on my iPhone 14 with iOS 17.3.1.

ETA: Found same behavior with a different Bluetooth keyboard, for both my iPhone and my iPad.


Good as it is (very good), iPadOS is not 100% reliable, and it seems maybe a little less so recently with some of the surprise updates.

For example, after the last one, Google Voice, which I’ve used for years without a problem, suddenly decided it wanted to just transfer dialing out to my cellphone, instead of dialing itself.

What cured that, and may for you, is simply a full power-down, then restart of your iPad, as this resets and gives a fresh start for applications.

To do it, slightly different on models, and you can look up easily on the Apple website via Google Search.

On mine, and perhaps most nowadays, you power off by holding the power button, and the nearest volume button (around the corner) down together, for 5-10 seconds until a slider appears on the screen. Then use the slider to select power off.

Give it a minute to fully shut down, and then hold your power button down I think for 5 seconds, where you’ll see it powering up – the advancing line across the screen. Shortly, your iPad will be back, and we can hope having reconnected properly to your Bluetooth keyboard.

The other thing you could do is use the Bluetooth Settings to forget, and then re-pair your keyboard, which might do the trick also.

Best fortune, hope one of these works…

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