Blurry/Fuzzy Interface

Been using Scrivener 3 on my 15" Macbook Pro for a few weeks now and it’s been great—so love it. I was literally about to go ahead and purchase a license when, upon opening Scrivener, the entire application’s resolution just dropped on me. I’m not talking about fuzzy fonts, I’m talking about the entire application’s PPI getting yeeted into another plane of existence. And it’s only Scrivener, everything else on my display is perfectly sharp. The context menus are fine, the dropdowns from the menu bar are fine, it’s just everything within the Scrivener 3 interface took a major nerf.

I restarted the application, nothing. Messed with my display resolution, it’s fine. Full reboot…opened Scrivener and I literally watched the interface open up perfectly crisp and a split-second later it’s resolution dropped on me again. Complete removal and re-installation…no change. No idea why. I’ve troubleshooted lots of stuff over the years but I’ve never seen an app do this before. Obviously a Scrivener software issue but I’m not sure what’s causing this. Anyone have ideas or a similar issue?

Again—not a fuzzy font or hinting issue. The issue includes the entire interface. Even the stoplight buttons in the top left are fuzzy.

I’m not a Mac user, so can’t help you, but I suggest posting a screenshot for the folks who can. :slight_smile:

Hey OP, did you ever fix this issue? I’ve already bought the app and downloaded it to my 2019 macbook air, and it looked fine for a while, and now looks fuzzy as heck and it’s really aggravating that there doesn’t seem to be any documentation on addressing this…

Oh snap, just fixed it. Right click on the Scrivener logo and select “Get Info” and there is literally a little box to uncheck that says “open in low resolution.” All better!

I have a related problem, although only a small one.

My mouse cursor, when in writing mode, gets weirdly bold and blurry. When working in the normal mode in the editor, it looks sharp.

I’m also a Mac User (MacOS High Sierra, 10.13.3) but there is no box for resolution in the “Get Info” window.