Blurry text

I have a macbook with a Dell external monitor. This works fine for all other programmes, including Word, however, using Scrivener, the text in the text-editor is often blurry/vague. Selecting another zoom level (e.g. 175%) is often a way to fix this issue. But this means I cannot always work on my text with my preferred focus level. Moreover, when I split my screen, sometimes it’s impossible to get the text on both pages clear simultaneously. Looking at this just from clear text is quite dreadful for my eyes. While some days 125% is making the text look clear, other days it’s another zoom level.

Do other people also have this problem, and or know how to solve this issue?

My first thought is that the cable or connectors between the Mac and screen might be flawed. If way to try another connector, I’d do that first.

Hi. If all the connections are fine, it may be due to some component of Scrivener or to a “bug” of the system itself. Apple is known for using non-standard resolutions and for displaying a blurry image with any monitor that doesn’t meet its particular requirements. Planned obsolescence? An excuse to sell monitors for over $5000? If yours is 1080p (as mine), there’s not much you can do.



Thanks both. It seems like it is not the connectors, as I have colleagues who face the same problem with different newer MacBooks and different external monitors (and I don’t have the problem with any other text-editor program or any application that shows text).