Bogus Error Message when Exporting to LaTeX

When using “LaTeX XSLT” to set an alternative XLST file and exporting to LaTeX, Scrivener puts two spaces after the name of the file. This seems to make MMD think there’s a second file, and it gives a warning that it ‘failed to load external entity “.xslt”’. Scrivener then reports an error, claiming that “The file could not be saved.” That’s all horrifying, of course, but Scrivener is wrong: the file has been written, and it works just fine.

If I export to MultiMarkdown and then run on the resulting text file I get the same warning. If I edit that file and remove the two spaces after the name of the .xslt file and run again, the warning goes away.

I think I’ve fixed this for the next update. The current version adds a double space after all meta-data items - is that the issue here? This doesn’t happen in the next update. Look out for the 1.2 beta on the Beta Testing forums - it won’t be available for another month ago - or drop me an e-mail at support @ literatureandlatte dot com so that I can let you test this particular fix beforehand, to see if this is indeed fixed.

Yes, that seems to be the cause. If I manually remove them everything’s okay.

It’s trivial to reproduce: just add the key “LaTeX XSLT” with the value “memoir.xslt” to the MultiMarkdown meta-data, then export to LaTeX.

I’ll pass on the beta; I’ve got too much else to do, and I take testing too seriously.


It should also be fixed with newer release of MMD, if I remember correctly…

I installed the latest MMD before I reported this, so I don’t think that fixed it. But it did produce the output file (despite Scrivener’s claim to the contrary), so I can get my work done. I don’t know whether it produced the output file when I used the MMD that came with Scrivener.

Well - if you could update to the newest MMD version that I use (2.0.b5), it’s fixed. :slight_smile:

I’ll release it today since I haven’t made any changes in a while.

Now you can upgrade to 2.0.b5. Let me know if this fixes your problem. If not, I’ll need more details to know what’s happening.


That seems to have fixed it. Unfortunately, when I installed the new version, I blew away the modified .xslt files that I had been using, so I can’t say for sure that everything works. But specifying memoir.xslt in the meta-data used to give that warning, and now it doesn’t, so I don’t think there will be any problem.


Through the miracle of Time Machine, I got my .xslt files back. Everything is now working. Thanks again.