Bold font for chapter heading and chapter title

When I Compile my non-fiction book, the Chapter number and title do not show up in bold font, as I would like them to. I would appreciate any advice for making my chapter headings in bold print.
Thank you.

Not at my computer, so no screenshots, but I’ll explain as best as I can.
In your compile format (double click it, list on the left, compile panel - duplicate if prompted to), in layouts, there is a demo text with a demo title if the layout includes the title.
Make that demo title bold in the bottom half mini editor.

Your compile format might have a few layouts (top half) with the title included. Find the right one(s), or perhaps make them all bold titles. (For the layouts that have the title already included, that is ; don’t check/uncheck anything in the list of layouts in the top half.)

Save, exit, compile.


That was exactly what I needed. It worked like a charm. Thank you, Vincent!!! You did a nice job of explaining that.

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