Bolding selected text in a Note doesn't work in 1.40 on M1 MacBook Air running Big Sur

I have Scapple 1.40 running on a Mojave MacBook and also on a new M1 MacBook Air. On the Air, bolding or unbolding doesn’t work inside a note. But it works fine in 1.40 on my Mojave MacBook.

It works for me on an older Mac with Big Sur.

Does it depend at all on which font you are using? If you use the menus or the keyboard shortcut?

I can confirm the same bug on M1 Mac Mini running Big Sur.
Immediately after I start Scapple, I can bold text as usual. However, after a few minutes of usage, the function stops working and I have to restart Scapple to bold text again. The bolding text doesn’t work as expected whether I use hotkeys or I select menu Format > Bold.
Please help and fix the issue soon. It’s a quite annoying bug.

OK, we’ll look into it. How long after opening Scapple does it happen?

I have same problem with the same equipment, M1 Macbook Air/Big Sur, although I have not been able to use bold at any point. I’ll be looking forward to an update.

What specific version of Big Sur? The latest release, 11.2.2, fixes some other display anomalies so it might be worth a look.


I can also confirm this. I just purchased Scapple and use it on a MacBook Air with a M1 chip. I use the latest OS Version 11.2.3

The basic text styles (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough) cannot be applied to a selected note or a selected text. Neither the buttons in the “Note format” inspector nor the hotkeys (CMD-B, etc) have any effect. Selecting the style from the “Format” → “Font” menu also has not effect.

However, bold text is displayed, if it is already present. For example, when applying the builtin “Title” Note Style, the text appears correctly as bold. In this case, clicking the “bold” button in the inspector or pressing CMD-B still does not have any effect, so the bold style cannot be removed in this case. But it is removed, if any of the other Note Style presets is applied.

It seems like that the buttons and hotkeys for the basic text styles do not work. But the text styles are correctly applied, if they are applied via any other means, like the Note Styles.

Text styles are also correctly applied if the Note Style is copied and pasted using Alt-Cmd-C/V.

So it appears to not be a display issue.

It should also be noted, that other text styles like text size or color can be applied correctly. Only the 4 basic text styles in the first row of the inspector seem to be effected by this bug.

I have the same issue, but I have an Intel 2020 MacBook Air. Big Sur 11.2.3.

Hmm. I’ve just installed Scapple 1.40 on my M1 MBA running 11.2.3. Cmd-B on a note bolds all the text, selected text within an existing note becomes bold with Cmd-B. That is on first opening. This, my only board, was created with Scapple 1.40 on the iMac running 10.15.7, if that makes any difference,

@HIEUVIJJO, did you work out how long it took for it to become non-functional for you?



This seems to be a weird bug, because right now it works correctly. I did not install any software updates since yesterday. In fact I did not even reboot the machine, just kept it closed and in sleep mode over night.

So far I cannot confirm whether the bug appears after some time of use. But yesterday it definitely did not work, and it behaved like I have described above.

Same problem here. Selected text can’t be made bold. I can only make the whole note bold.

Scapple 1.4 on MacBook Air M1 2020 with Big Sur 11.4