Book Cover

I watched a video on Youtube. According to the video all that is required to add a book cover to a Scrivener project is to drag the picture file to the project binder. This is not working for me. Has anyone else had this problem? If so what is the solution?

If you are compiling to a text or PDF format, all you have to do is insert it alone in a document at the top of your draft.

But, for an epub, you have to add it in the compile panel:

You need the image to be part of your project; but not in the draft. Or at least not in a document that is marked as included in compile. Else, you’ll have the image once as your cover, and once as content.

Just played with this have to insert into the folder you are using for front matter and use file>insert image in that folder if done correctly will see image file with picture icon. Now in compile in third panel under image check box under cover