Book design - refresh? Or stay consistent?

I seem to have mislaid both my Scrivener compile format settings file and my Photoshop template for creating the front covers.

The compile settings aren’t a problem, of course, because I upload a compile preferences file to this forum every year so with the magic of Scrivener I can simply download 'em and reinstall. The photoshop file for the covers, though, will need to be recreated.

But both do present an opportunity… What do people think of the book layouts and covers…?

Would you prefer that I recreate the same cover template so your NiaDs all look the same in your ebook library? If we changed the style, would you want the old books re-compiled to match the new edition covers?

And what about the typography / book design itself? Does it work? Anything else you’d like included? If you’ve always hated Garamond, now is your chance to influence the design in time for NiaD8!

I’m a traditionalist - what’s the point of tradition if you don’t keep it?
Unless there’s a better option, then change can be good.

In terms of NiaD, I lean towards keeping the same look, but if you’ve got better ideas…

Rationale: you came up with the original, and that was good. So the odds are, if you change it the new version would be good too.

Leave it alone!

I guess that’s it.

Time to institute a comprehensive backup strategy!

You’re off topic!

Let’s see if he moves you to a new thread or if you have not yet attained the REAL level of *

Umm… Pigfender’s mislaid his files, so I’d plump for GR being on topic… partially.
If you’ve the time, inclination, and can’t find the old templates, then a re-design might be fun. But only if it’s for all of them. Me, I like a matching set. :smiley:
It’s your party, so your call.
Rock on Jan 26th!

Ah… you misinterpret my attempted poke in my own eye. As one of the more rabid off-topicers who’s posts frequently get amputated from the original thread by Mr Bacon, I like to make noise and rattle a cage or seven when the opportunity arises. Mr Bacon generally has a good backup plan so I’m sure the “mislaid” nature of his files is less to do with technology and more to do with age related mental cloudiness.

Which is a sign that he’s almost old enough to ride the tube alone.

Ah, all becomes clearish. A pleasure to meet a fellow poker-in-the-own-eyer.

Which is a euphemism for ‘Mainlining on Literary Hallucinogens’
Careful who you talk to around these 'ere parts, CAMY :wink:

I vaguely remember literary hallucinations beginning at London Bridge. On the tube you’d be tunnelling through literary tropes.

Tripping though litanies of tunneled thoughts

I like this game!