Book Released!

Finally! Truth Unearthed is available. It is in the middle of its early release on eBook, with hardback and paperback versions coming out in February.It’s a High Fantasy set in my own world of Lugon. Biggest influences were Tolkien (of course), Robert Jordan, and RA Salvatore. Here is a picture of the cover! It is available on Kindle, Kobo, Apple Books, and Nook. There’s also a website,, where you can see some awesome illustrations. If any of you pick it up, let me know what you think!

Early reaction so far has been overwhelmingly positive (and no, nobody from my family has read it - I’m the black sheep of my family, most are engineers XD). Even a coworker, who didn’t tell me she’d bought until she was over 50% finished, gave it this praise, “I didn’t think I would like it [she’s never read fantasy], but not only could I not put it down, I was lying up at night thinking about it.” The one person who didn’t like it said my narration (not the plot) was too “Tolkienish” (and she admitted to never even finishing The Fellowship of the Ring). At first I was confused, because I deliverately tried to be less verbose than Tolkien (even though I love Tolkien’s writing style - it seems to be what holds most people back), but she then clarified it was my diction and sentence structure that made her think of Tolkien. I personally think she doesn’t understand just how great Tolkien is, because my command over language, even English, can’t compare to his, but it was a little hard to be offended being compared to him, even if intended to be negative.

Congratulations and good luck.

Slàinte mhòr.

Congratulations, Eric, on the book and the website design.
Best of luck to you.
[Is your forum name––Sparrowhawk––an ornithological choice or a nod to the series, by Edward Cline?]

Neither, though it does have an ornithological backstory. My last name, “Sparks” is a truncated version of the Middle English “Sparhauoc”, or “Sparrowhawk”. I forget which king in Britain it was, but one of them, like many others, enjoyed falconry. His favorites to use were the sparrowhawks. My ancestor was the one that trained and kept them in the mews, and the king took to calling him after the birds he kept. So, my surname is both occupational and a nickname.

I enjoyed your explanation; thank you. :slight_smile: It provoked me to see what has become of original mews structures. From afar, some look to have been smartly repurposed.

Wow! Great cover. Looks really appealing to me. Never should though criticize book on its cover but it has to be compelling to stand out and this is just that. Congratulations.

Thank you! Though the design is based off the Gate of Menigar in my novel, I can’t take credit for the artwork. That would be a friend of mine who studied 3D animation and works mostly on movie projects. But he decided to help me out, and I will be forever grateful to him.

Wow Great! Congratulation.

Congratulations Eric! I’m so happy for you!!! It looks really amazing!

Thanks! Printed copies are now available in the US, UK, EU, and AUS :slight_smile: