book styles

Hi… I am wanting to format a book I have almost completed, I have previously used word but now signed up for Shrivener.
My book is a yoga book and will also include photographs, I set the chicago essay format…
How do I find a template which as provision for adding photos, and I can also see page by page so I know how the book will look ?


You do not need a special template to include photos with text. You can drop photos into any Scriv text document where you want to see them, and size them as desired. (Scrivener has various templates built in that you might usefully choose, but there is no fundamental reason you cannot do what you want just starting from a blank project.)

Be advised that Scrivener is writing software and while it has many amazing features, it is not designed to do fancy page layout tasks like run text around a picture. So, if your finished product needs advanced layout, you may need to post-process your compiled output.