Book Subtitle?

What is the “right” way to include a subtitle for your book in Scrivener? Someone in support told me I have to hard-code it in the Title Page itself, but I am looking for a second opinion.

Are you saying L&L support gave that advice? Asking for a second opinion on the advice given by the developers of the software…

It is a 1-2 minute max task to add a subtitle manually on the Title Page.

Hard-coding is how I do it…

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You could create your own replacment tag, such as


… and then in the replacements section of the compile window, replace it with your subtitle. That might work?

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To be clear, since I answered the support query, the “hard” part of this is formatting the subtitle separately from the main title. In order to do that, you need to either have two different placeholders – per @Rdale’s suggestion – or you need to hand format the text. Which you do is up to you.

Thanks robertdguthrie! I will give it a shot . . .