Bookmark text in iOS!!

I am sure that this must have been asked before but I can’t find an answer.

I know I can bookmark a file but can I bookmark a paragraph or text? In long docs it is useful to insert a bookmark in a place which you might want to return to when editing. Is this function available on iPAD?

There’s no formal bookmarking feature at that level but you could use the Inline Annotation feature for that purpose. They can be removed before compiling if it suits you, or stripped out during the compile process.

They’re searchable. For example – //polish – is a valid search item.

I maintain a binder document that holds a guide for any strategically unique annotation terms.

Often, if a document is so long that you need internal bookmarks, that’s a sign that it might benefit from being broken into smaller chunks. Remember that the structure you use in the Binder doesn’t need to match the structure that readers will ultimately see.

FWIW, I recently used four sub-documents to assemble a thousand-word article. Scrivener doesn’t care.