Bookmarklet, Instapaper Airprint Support

So here’s a wish: a way to bring text from the web into Scrivener with a bookmarklet. The current method, through services, works well enough, but my method is pretty wonky for the time being. I click into Readability, then select the full text manually (cmd+A selects the Readability buttons as well, so I try not to use it), then right click to the services menu, Scrivener Clippings. I have a keyboard shortcut, but it’s not ideal, I don’t use it enough to give it a good one.

So in short, I’d love a Bookmarklet that “tosses” the text of a webpage into Scrivener.

The longer version has to do with AirPrint, Instapaper, and a pref pane called Printopia from Ecamm.

Printopia is basically a way to make non ePrint printers from HP work with iOS 4.2’s AirPrint. It works like a charm and costs $10. Better than its ability to print is that it offers the option to send documents either to your Mac or to Dropbox (literally the DropBox folder on your Mac, nothing fancy). In other words, it adds a “Print to PDF” function to iOS when paired with a Mac. It’s very cool.

I’d love it if I could “Print to Scrivener” through Printopia. I do almost all of my web reading in Instapaper, which now supports printing articles (beautifully, I might add). If I could send them to Scrivener, should they need to belong there, that would be wonderful. Moreover, Instapaper supports a slew of other iOS apps to share content with. If, one day, Scrivener makes it to iOS, I’d love it if it could be one of them.

Ah well, wishin’. Loving 2.0 by the way.

I second this request. In fact, I just posted what is, I think, the same idea, though I use a different way to get there.