If this is already a feature in scrivener please let me know.

But I’m wondering if the implementation of a bookmarking mechanism could be developed to aid in scrolling through long documents when you’re not word wrapped on in page layout mode. The bookmarks wouldn’t come out on the final compiled product but mainly act as placeholders that you can quickly go to, when trying to scan the document at large.

I know could easily just cut my document into several sections, but sometimes, one needs to look at a paper all in one go, and it would be convenient if I could bookmark my own writing.

happy new year to y’all by the way!

Cmd-shift-?, type ‘bookmark’, press enter…

It should be noted the system you’ll find by searching for ‘bookmark’ is not long for this world. You’d do better to make use of the inspector comment system, or just roll your own solution with inline annotations.

Or just split your document into appropriate sections and give them keywords/whatever, and then when you want to view/edit it as a single text, use Scrivenings mode. Let’s face it, that’s what Scrivener is all about!

I used Inspector footnotes for this very purpose. If you select the entire Draft folder you will see all footnotes and clicking on one make you jump to that place in the text. At Compile they are omitted.