Bought Scapple, haven't received it.

Is this a normal process? I bought Scapple, they said they’d send the activation key or whatever within 48 hours. It’s been 12 days now with no response.

Has anyone else had an issue like this? Can anyone at L&L HQ help me out?

Please check your junk mail folder to make sure it wasn’t misdirected.

If you still can’t find it, please open a support ticket. We can’t handle sales and licensing inquiries through the forum.


Turns out I’d been sitting on a link to buy Scapple from their old partner, eSellrate. I’ve been using my iPad Pro as my main computer since Scrivener came out on iOS, and as such, I’d been waiting to get Scapple until they came out with an iOS version. In that interim, I’ve been using Mindnode and sometimes iThoughts on my iPad. I recently got a MacBook Pro, though, and figured it was time to get Scapple for it, especially considering how expensive the macOS versions of the other two programs are.

So I loaded up the pinned tab I’d been sitting on for the education license for Scapple, and pulled the trigger. To their discredit, eSellrate sold me the product with a notification that I’d receive the authorization code in a separate email, and gave me an email address to reach out to for questions. Obviously, I never received that email with the code, and when I emailed them, nobody was checking it, because sales through eSellrate weren’t supposed to be happening!

I used the contact page that Katherine linked to, and got a prompt reply from Astrid. We figured out the issue quickly, and she remedied the situation in a kind and quick manner. Now I’m up and running with Scapple, and I couldn’t be more stoked! Thank you, Literature & Latte for continually being incredible developers and people. This is why I proselytize your products so vehemently!