Bought Scrivener for Macbook, now I want iOS

I bought Scrivener for my Macbook, and now I want it on my iOS so I can sync my projects across both devices.

1 - can I sync them easily?

2 - do I have to buy a separate license for iOS or is it included with my Mac license?

  1. Syncing is easy, but requires a dropbox subscription. On the iOS end of things syncing must be done manually (by tapping a button).

  2. Licenses are separate, but the good news is it’s $19.99 half the price of the full mac version.

Just to be clear, it does not require a Dropbox subscription. It requires a Dropbox account and they offer 2.5 gb free over 3 devices, and you don’t need to use a DB app on iOS if all you want to do is sync. If you invite and convince some friends to open free DB accounts you can get additional free storage. I have approx 8GB.

Whoops… you are correct consider that a slip on my part.

Thank you!