Bought Scrivener for MacOS instead of Windows - Help

Hi! I bought Scrivener for MacOS by mistake. I wanted to buy it for Windows. I already tried to email via the support page and through direct emails to sales and Windows support, but I didn’t get any answer (I’ve been trying to reach anyone for 2 weeks; I’ve sent multiple emails). Could somebody help me and send me a Windows License key or a refund? Thank you so much for your help.

Sorry if this is the wrong area to post.

hello davidm7, and welcome to the forum.

I checked the help-desk queue, but I do not see any messages from the email address you’re using with your forum account.

We don’t handle licensing issues through the forum since it’s a public space. Please send an email to to request assistance on this.

You should receive an auto-reply from the system very quickly if the email reaches the queue successfully.


Thank you RuthS. I have already tried to reach out directly via that email, but I didn’t receive any auto-reply from the system. I’ve tried once again and nothing happened. Before sending direct emails I tried to contact you via the form, but I received a message from “Dreamhost” in my spam saying that my message was rejected. Hence, I tried to contact you via e-mail and now via the forum. Could you assist me?

Hello RuthS,

Update: I’ve tried to send an email from another email address and I’ve received an automatic response. It seems that the system is blocking my registered email (and the one I used to buy Scrivener) for some reason (it is a University email).

Thank you for your help.

Hi @davidm7

It sounds as though your university system is indeed blocking emails from us.

I have just replied to the message that you sent us from your alternative email address, so please check the spam folder of your Gmail account if you do not receive that reply.

All the best,