Bought scrivener, serial number doesn't work, or does not match with name

Pretty self explanatory. I tried to fix my spelling check set to automatic language that suddenly stopped working by purchasing Scrivener 3.

Well, the program launches alright but the serial number does not work. It prompts me with an error every time I enter the name and the serial number (says it doesn’t match, despite I am copy pasting it from the damned confirmation email).

My serial number starts with SCRIV3MAC, so I’m using it on the correct software. Still it prompts me with an error.

I still have scrivener 2 installed on my Mac. I don’t know if that’s the issue?

I bought the program with the hopes the new version would fix the automatic language spelling correct tool that suddenly stopped working on my laptop (yes, there is a post that I did a few minutes ago in which I explained the program no longer detected two languages at once. it was either english or spanish but not both).

The new version shows the same bug, so I don’t know what’s going on. But at the moment I am pretty frustrated I purchased something I cannot use because the serial number doesn’t work.

I even went to the eSellerate page to retrieve the number an lo and behold the page prompts me with a message that they can’t find my serial number (as if I had never purchased it). I am pretty frustrated and angry now. In all my years using scrivener I never encountered a problem like this with any prior version.

Scrivener uses the Mac OS spellchecking system. As a result, most issues are not directly related to Scrivener code, and fixing them can be relatively involved.

We are not able to address serial number issues through the forum. Please send an email through our support system. It would be helpful to include screenshots of the exact error message that you are seeing, and of the registration window.


I posted another issue about a spelling bug in an already existing loooong document that I’m working on. Can’t you check my post please and help me to sort this out? (spelling set to automatic language will just check spanish but not english or visce versa.) it happened today, in the middle of my writing session and this is only shown on my macbook. my iMac shows the document fine. Please help me.

As for this post, I already contacted them through support, and we are working on the issue (although their first responsa wasn’t really that helpful. My serial code is useless).


Our support ticket software generates automatic responses to common questions, so the “first response” you receive will often be one of these.

I’ll take a look at your other thread.