Bowie Drake Ioa Thanks Bye

I wove some oblique and some not-so-oblique references to David Bowie into The Twenty-Five Deeds of Hanson Drake. Much as I love people reading the book, it has all grown to be too much. I’m tuning out, turning off, and dropping out. Completely.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me with Scrivener, especially Ioa. Indebted.

I wish you all well. I’m done. Last post. Account closed.

Briar Kit

I wonder does anyone know Briar Kit personally? This seems to be quite a worrying post from such a regular poster on the forum. Also, Briar’s Instagram and Twitter profiles have been deleted, and all bar one of the pages on his/her website have been deleted.

Impressions gleaned from things Briar has either spoken about openly, or has alluded to, on Scriv’s fora, Briar is a lady called Rose … hence, Briar. She, like very many members of Scriv’s crew, suffers from a quite debilitating illness, that, periodically requires powerful painkilling medication.

Private person? … possibly. For some reason, very early on, she disabled her PM link, restricting contact with her, to the open forum, or directing anyone desirous of contacting her privately, to her website.

Obvious exemplary command of her craft(s)
I’ve just downloaded … 607&sr=8-1
Why … I’m wondering, has Rose seen fit to leave only one page of her online presence remaining. The very thing, incidentally, that seems to be causing her so much distress. As Kinsey has already stated, a very worrying post, from Rose (Briar). I would advise against too much supposition or conjecture, till Rose herself offer us more information. Just wish the best for her … and wait.


Even with the little direct interaction I had with BK, I did respect her presence. I’m a bit unnerved as well. I do hope she returns.


Damn, just saw this. Hope she’s well. :frowning:

I hope she is just busy writing a Hanson Drake sequel (or a prequel even).


I’ve tried to contact you repeatedly over the last few weeks through your website. I found this forum from the mention of Scrivener in the colophon of HANSON DRAKE. I tried to PM you but you have PMs turned off.

I read in The Guardian about Hanson Drake being a proxy for David Bowie and the story being about David’s final days and death: that’s some insider for 2013. My colleagues and I have since read and loved HD and HATHAWAY, and we’d very much like to talk to you ASAP. Can you either PM me or reply to the messages sent through your website?


with all due respect, how ever well intended your post may be, it comes across as overly insistent, possibly a prime example of the very thing that caused Briar to crash out, in the first place.
Take care

Vic, you are right.

Briar, if you have seen the messages sent through your website, you will know that we will fully respect your wishes. If you haven’t seen those messages, in summary, we want to represent your interests in respect of HANSON DRAKE, HATHAWAY and your future works. We will always strive to protect and respect your private and public profiles, and if we can’t put together a plan that you are entirely happy with, we will accept your decision not to sign with us without question. We really do just want to have an opportunity to discuss our ideas with you as we think your work has so much to offer in print and film.

Briar, we won’t write again. But if you ever see this message, even months or years from now, and want to contact us, please send a PM or see the email messages already sent.


DUDE. Not cool. Briar’s wishes are pretty damn clear, and you continuing to insist that you just want Briar to know you’re ready to keep harassing.


No one has ever proved that Briar Kit wasn’t David Bowie. Just sayin’.

I thought this might be good news to share as Briar updated her website since I last visited it a couple of weeks ago.

She says Hanson Drake is about the death of Bowie.