Bowie r.i.p.

This was a real shock to hear this morning. I remember `Starman’ on TOTP and buying Ziggy with what was still my pocket money. The following year I started work and bought two earlier albums (Hunky Dory and TMWSTW) and from then on pretty much everything for the next 30 years. I loved the experimentation and all of the times he refused to be just one thing only. A true original, and he’s going to be very much missed.

Yes, a very sad moment indeed, bringing lots of memories in its wake. (I last saw him in the flesh as I was travelling in a car somewhere near Hanover Square in London; he was walking along the pavement, alone, with a cap pulled down low over his head, but the gait and facial features were unmistakeable.)

Bon Voyage David,

Doesn’t seem real. The Berlin trilogy was an epiphany, of sorts. :frowning:

And now Glenn Frey, checking out - the threads of yesterday being unpicked.

Yeah … but imagine the wonderful musical tapestry they’re all weaving in another place.
Bon Voyage, Glenn.