Breaking up my book in to chapters


So I am new to Scrivener. I just got finished writing my first book using Scrivener and didn’t use it as the tool that I now am seeing it as. I just wrote like any other platform. Now I have everything in one Scene. Does anyone know how to break this down into separate Chapters/Scenes easily? I don’t want to spend hours to copy and paste everything. I was hoping that I wasn’t the first to do this and someone knows a way to do this in fewer steps.


Put your cursor at the first spot in your text where you want to split it off the previous text into its own document. Then use the Documents->Split menu. Continue down your document, splitting where it makes the most sense to you.

You should probably start the tutorial (Help->Interactive Tutorial), which is just a project that has instructions for exploring Scrivener’s features. That will teach you such things as how to split a long document into smaller ones, and it will introduce you to terms and functions that you can then use for whatever purposes make sense to you.

This is scrivener’s single greatest strength, in my experience.