Bright Inspector in Dark Mode

On changing the comment color in the inspector in dark mode (solarized dark) the oblong space underneath the comment turns bright.

Also: When in dark mode hovering over comments in the text they appear in a bright window.

There are a few threads discussing this overall issue of colors and contrasts. I’ve noticed the same, and I use the ‘solarized dark’ mode for ease on my eyes. However, that means the red underlining of typos is hard to see, the synopsis in outline view can’t be seen. There are mentions that the contrast of expansion arrows in the binder cannot be seen. I note, for instance, that the Editor ‘surround’ (the Fixed Width background) changes from dark mode to white, if a folder is selected, then back to dark, if a text document is selected. :open_mouth:

This is one of those ‘beautification projects’ that is likely on the drawing boards somewhere…where you, as a user, might select from some overall color palette, and where all elements of the UI, from menu bar all the way to scratchpad will have been programmed to blend seamlessly, along with appropriate contrast choices, and in a pleasing color-coordinated fashion with that selected palette.

You can get a better feel of this potential in the theme selections, where the entire UI changes…including the menu bar and footer areas. I have yet to find how to control those separately, or I would have already created my own preferred “SkyPilot Theme”. :mrgreen:

As I mentioned elsewhere, it would be wonderful to have that overall color palette choice, and to then have the ability to tweak that as desired, to then save as a personally preferred theme.