Bring back the Lock Inspector to Editor button, plz!! :)

Hi. Chuffed to have just upgraded to 3. (Background: wrote probably my last 12 novels in Scrivener, plus two teleplays. Love Scrivener more than life.) But now find in 3 the little lock icon in the Inspector is gone. In the new regime, to lock the inspector to one (split-screen) editor, I have to go two menu levels deep (Navigate -> Editor -> Lock Inspector to Editor). There’s not even a keyboard shortcut. I find this an incredibly useful function that I rely upon - typically I have my design doc on the right, with lots of useful material in the inspector (notes e.g.), and need to keep looking at that while I’m writing in the left editor. Now you’ve made it a real faff, and speed brake. Please bring back the ‘lock Inspector’ lock icon! Thanks!

There are two different approaches for making this easier to use on a regular basis:

  • Right-click in the inspector tab bar area. That’s easier than drilling down into the menu.
  • But as for why there is a menu command, as with many of the commands in Scrivener, it exists so you can add a custom shortcut if you want.

And by the way to unlock you can click the red ‘i’ icon that indicates which split the inspector is locked to.

Thanks! The right-click trick is very helpful.

Would still be slightly easier and quicker if you brought the button back. :slight_smile: So consider this a vote for that in future releases. :slight_smile: