British dictionary on Suse


Scrivener worked fine on my Suse Enterprise Desktop. I had to download a couple of missed libraries, but now it seems fine. It prints, it compiles, it creates new directories: I couldn’t be happier!

However, I can’t get the dictionaries thing to work. I downloaded to .deb aspell libraries. Also, I have found an Aspell in /usr/bin/aspell, and a dict in /var/lib/dict. I’ve been into Scriveners Aspell directory and tried CHMOD ing to 777. But I’m new to Linux, fairly new anyway, and my installation is stuck on US dictionary, and that doesn’t seem to do much either! I’m a paid up Windows user, but I’d really like to get rid of windows: just bored with it really!

Can someone give me fool proof instructions on how to fix the dictionaries thing?