British English?

Looking through the options, languages. I spotted ‘Language - British English’. Being British, I clicked on button.
Disaster. The whole programme (note British English spelling) transformed itself in some truly wonderful language! Cyrillic? Greek? Something like that. Not British English.
Then, it was a case of trying to remember the position of all the buttons, in all the menus. Not fun.
I think that this might be a bug!


I had exactly the same happen to me, yesterday. Getting it back to English wasn’t a walk in the park.

Yeah, this was a mistake in the 3.1.0 build, it will be fixed soon! (I believe it is Ukrainian, by the way.)

Happened to me this morning (Monday 1st November), so it hasn’t been fixed yet. Spoke to someone on Discord, and it happened to him, too.
Re-downloaded 3.0.1 and it works fine. Phew! because I’m doing NaNo, so these wasted hours are Not Good.

Yes, the current version is still 3.1.0, that is correct.

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I had this issue too and thought downloading the update again would fix it. It fixed a problem I had with the NaNoWriMo template, but it hasn’t fixed the language problem. All of my documents should be in British English as that’s the language I write in. They’ve all changed to American English and when I try to install the British English dictionary again I’m getting this:

And this: