Broadway Musical Template - Can These Two Elements be Added to US Stage Play?

Ten years ago, @AmberV mentioned that, in order for a Broadway musical theatre template to be created, we should indicate the details that would be required? ( Where to download a TEMPLATE for a STAGE MUSICAL - #2 by AmberV )

Well, as far as I can see, the two main missing elements that need to be added to the US Stage Play template would be:

Song Headings:

As you can see, the highlight is a black. full-width bar with white, italicised text, indented.


Capitalized text, with a large indent.

Is it possible, or how easy would it be, to add these two elements to the US Stage Play template, so they appear as an autocomplete option like these:

The “Script Settings…” choice in that menu is how you set up your own scripts. The settings in here are documented in §19.6, Creating Your Own Script Formats, in the user manual PDF.

Alas though, I don’t think you’ll be able to actually pull this look off with the black bar bit. Scrivener has no way of drawing elements across the entire sheet of paper like that, and its text highlighter tool is more of a highlighter and less of a box-like background element—it tends to stick to where visible text is.

Probably best to stick with a rough cut draft in Scrivener, and exporting with the element assignments set up the way you want, and prepared for proper format adjustment in a more dedicated page layout program.

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Ah, that’s a pity, but thanks for the information - I will have a look at that section of the manual. If it isn’t possible to achieve anything close, then it’s probably a case of doing as you suggested, and formatting elsewhere. Cheers :slight_smile: