Bug? Always reverting to Corkboard

When I

(a) am viewing the whole Draft in scrivenings view

(b) then click in the binder on one text item to view it alone (which shows it in text view) and

© then click back on Draft in the binder

Scrivener 3 shows me the corkboard, and I have to click on the scrivenings view button to get back to scrivenings view (which incidentally takes quite a few seconds to display).

Intuitively I would have expected the above sequence to return me immediately to scrivenings/text view rather than presenting me with the corkboard (when I hadn’t looked at the corkboard view all day).

Is this the intended behaviour (in which case is there a way to select a preference not to go to corkboard view in this scenario) or might this be a bug?


I, also, would have expected Scrivenings to show. I only use the corkboard a few times during a project’s lifespan, and for some projects, never.

Note: this only happens when the Manuscript or Draft folder is selected, which means there’s extra code to initiate the use of the Corkboard.

A possible workaround is to name another folder right underneath it with the same name (e.g., “Draft”), and select that to access scrivenings.

Shouldn’t have to, I think.

This seems new behavior, too, at least for the Beta. Perhaps this is a way the Mac version works, in which case, it’s a negative feature (to me). I want the corkboard when I want the corkboard, not when Scrivener thinks I should be using it.

I’ve noticed the same thing but thought it’s something I’m doing. The 1.9 always remembers what I have chosen for that specific folder or document.