[BUG] autocorrect spelling reveals issue in dictionary

I was trying to write ‘ad hominem’ and I could not spell this ( with or without a hypen ) without the spelling checker changing it on me … so a couple of recommendations:

[list=][] - add commonly used latin and other terms to the dictionary files so that I don’t have to add them to my personal dictionary
] - provide ‘jargon’ dictionaries for medicine, other sciences, etc.
[*] - change the way the autocorrect function works, so that if it doesn’t know a word, I can override its behaviour without having to add the word to a dictionary, specifically either:

    • allow me to backspace over its suggestion, and type what I want again … or
    • highlight incorrect spelling and allow me to choose spell-correct options ( like in MS Word )


ALSO NOTE: I’m not sure if I have used this forum incorrectly, but it seems in the preview my desire to have a bulleted list nested in a numbered list doesn’t work … so I thought I would leave it like this in case you were not aware.

Last first. Should be doable.

  • item 1
  • item 2
    [list=1][*]item 3
  • item 4
    Here’s the BBcode[list] [*]item 1 [*]item 2 [list=1][*]item 3 [*]item 4[/list][/list]
    Here’s a short reference to BBcode formatting: forums.classcreator.com/bbml.htm

Now, to the dictionary. Scrivener come with a limited dictionary. It’s got about 50k entries, maybe a few more.

I personally use a larger dictionary.

and… you can EDIT the dictionary (it’s a text file)(beware. the first line of the .dic file contains the number of entries. So if you add a few, change that number). Or replace it. The devs simply copied Hunspell’s basic dictionary; they did not edit it.

See more on this topic from some time back: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/uk-english-spell-check-does-not-appear-to-work-in-beta-30/48159/2

The names of the dictionaries are hard-coded into Scrivener. If you copy new ones in place of the old ones, the names must be exactly the same.

Mine doesn’t recognize “ad hominem” either. Sad. I’m going to have to add some latin jargon to it (this isn’t difficult; it’s just tedious).

Scrivener, at its heart, is an outliner that allows text entry in a word-processing-like way.

And you’re right, having spell-check work the way it does in Word (or Libreoffice, or most other modern word processors) would be nice.