Bug: Beta 11 Installation Error Dialogs - Acrobat Distiller

During upgrade from Windows Beta 10 to Windows Beta 11, the installation created multiple error dialog boxes as seen below. This appeared 3 or 4 times but did not appear to affect final complete installation.


To the best of my recollection, at the time I ran the installation I had been prompted to upgrade to the new Beta version but had already opened my most recent project. I may have had a PDF open in Acrobat reader but don’t recall for sure.

Version: Beta (404521) 64-bit - 10 Dec 2018
Windows 10 Home

Hi Steve, there is no good explanation of the dialog you see. Scrivener does not use or trigger a PDF editor/distiller during the installation or the upgrade process. If you experience this issue again with the next update, please let us know again.