BUG? Blank Pages Not Compiling Paperback to PDF

I just posted my first problem, here is the other issue I am experiencing:

Possible Bug 2: Blank pages are not compiling. I have tried this a few ways.

One way was to have scene with text, scene with blank page code, scene with text all in one folder, which resulted in the two text scenes on the same page with only a scene break. I kept that configuration and tried to add page breaks but absolutely nothing happened when I hit Insert > Break > Page Break (I suppose that is Possible Bug #3).

Then I tried putting each scene in a separate folder. In this case, it did compile the blank page if I allowed for headers and footers on blank pages, but, when I clicked the checkbox for “No header and footer on blank pages” the blank page did not compile. I have attached 3 screenshots: 1 showing the checked box, 2 showing the scenes to be included, and 3 showing the blank page did not compile.