Bug: Can't change multiple file icons in binder

I am trying to select and change the icon of multiple files in the binder at the same time. When I select them and right-click, I can only change one and all the others de-select. I am pretty sure I could do this before…but if I am mistaken, I would love to see this as a feature. I use this as a visual status change as I progress. So I have a folder with multiple text files and after I record the audio, I change it to an music symbol and then after that change it to a video icon to indicate that I have included it in the video and then set it back to normal when i am done and the folder to green.

Noticing this behaviour as well – I’m fairly sure it’s new to the current version, as I’ve had no trouble selecting and changing icons for multiple files before.

Additionally, and possibly related to this selection issue, I’ve noticed that the available icons occasionally become greyed out and thus uselectable. The same is true for the ‘manage icons’ button and all functions in this menu (the ‘folders’ for Book, Flag, etc icons are hoverable, but the icons within are also greyed out). Switching between files a couple of times seems to clear this problem when it crops up, though I have no idea why or how.

This has been fixed and will be available in next release - RC9. Thank you for reporting this.

Excellent! Thanks so much. It’s looking great.