[BUG] Compile selection LOSES entire folder

This is a companion to my other report of compiling problems at [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/bug-compile-selection-compiles-more-than-the-selection-and-duplicates-much-of-the-selection/47588/1]

– Just in case it needs to be said, these screen shots are of an actual project and copyright applies to them :slight_smile:

I tried compiling the whole book as it stands. Here you can see the last documents from the Part I folder, the Part II folder, the Part III folder and its first dozen documents subdocuments, all selected as was everything from the Preface through the last document in the folder Part VI.

I got the same kind of duplication as I already reported, for every folder from Part I through Part VI.

And, as you’ll notice from this next screen shot, Scrivener tossed an entire folder away. Where is my Part II?

I had to select Part II only, compile it to a separate .docx file, remove the duplications, then insert it into the first .docx file I compiled.

Yeah, could be I’ve hosed my Scrivener project somehow, but I’d never know it to work with it in Scrivener. And that would only beg the question how and why just everyday writing and editing and formatting and organizing (am I really doing something extraordinary?) could hose a project file.

I’ve been wondering how every day writing and saving and organizing could hose a project. I’ve had several become hosed without me editing the project files (the .scrivx files), and the only way to un-hose them seems to be to copy the binder to a new project.

Rebuilding indexes may help you, but it may not.

I can’t duplicate your problem (yet – might still happen).

I suggest copying the binder to a new project (in whatever Beta you’re currently using). Create a new project (blank is fine), Ctrl+A in the Binder, drag and drop into the new binder. I don’t know what this fixes, but I’m guessing it rebuilds the RTF files, rebuilds the folders, rebuilds the .scrivx file. This may or may not copy keywords or meta-data (my experienced is mixed; sometimes it has, sometimes it hasn’t).

IF this fixes the problem, this increases focus on Scrivener as a suspect in hosing the project files. Unfortunately, other things can also cause project misbehavior: a failing drive, other things mucking with the Scrivener files (antivirus software as one example), syncing, and I don’t know what else.