[BUG] Compiling to ODT Error [Beta 023]

I’ve just tried to compile a document in open document format and received the following error message:

scriv odt compile error by StaceyUK, on Flickr

A document is created but when I open it using OpenOffice I get an error message saying it is corrupted. I get a usable file after OpenOffice has repaired it. I get no error messages when compiling to RTF.
lightheart.zip (1.66 KB)

Still having these issues in Beta 024:

Only, in the creation of this picture, OO did not tell me the file was corrupted, and therefore, I didn’t have the option of repairing it. This is the first time I haven’t had to do that bit since I first started compiling to ODT.


Lee’s looking into this, but he needs a bit more to go on. Would it be possible for you to attach or email an example of both the corrupt ODT file and a “repaired” version? (If you email, please send it to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com so I can put it with the rest of the report for Lee.) Thanks!


I seem to be unable to generate a repaired version. I’ll keep trying.

Thanks Stacey, I appreciate it. Meanwhile I’ve grabbed the file you attached above–I assume that’s the corrupted version that Scrivener generated?

Yes MM I hope it helps.

Excellent. While I’m at it, given that this report was originally for 023, have you ever gotten the corrupt file/needs to be repaired message on 024? Lee’s fixed the bug whereby Scrivener throws out that erroneous “couldn’t create the file” message, so that will be ready for the next update, but it’d be nice to fix the whole thing if it wasn’t already unintentionally fixed in a different tweak.

Don’t think so as I couldn’t get Open Office to generate a repaired file yesterday.