Bug: Convert Webpage to Text

When you use the Convert Webpage to Text command, the webpage document does appropriately change to text format, but when you close then re-open the project, you’ll discover that the file that was converted is gone!

File not found!

Here are my steps:

  1. Add Web Page (I used this : insidehighered.com/quicktak … ion-may-31 )

  2. Then Documents > Convert > Web Page to Text; then click Yes. File is converted to text and it looks fine.

  3. Close project, then re-open project. You’ll discover the file is now blank. If you open the project on the Mac side, the document will display as “File Not Found”.

Curious to know, is no one experiencing this bug?

Perhaps not a commonly used function, but I can reproduce it. It looks like a bug. A simple workaround is to rename the text file before quitting the project.

Thanks for testing it! It’s good to know it isn’t my computer. And thanks for workaround.

Thanks, I’ve filed a bug ticket for this. In my testing, the conversion “sticks” and the content remains when the project is further edited after the conversion (so that the .scrivx project file is updated)–so e.g. the renaming suggested, but also editing the text of a document, applying a label, setting a section type. So hopefully it won’t be too difficult to avoid the issue until it is fixed.